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The EuroPrix IDEA

Phantasy Works is a year 2000 DVD production of Digital Film Center, which has been enlisted for The EuroPrix Contest 2001. The jury evaluation will take place in Salzburg in August 2001.

It's the legacy of the early film and music composed and designed between 1979 and 1989 by Floris Kolvenbach, illustrated with visual concepts, ballet and graphic arts. Stanislaw Ivanov is responsible for the moving digital edited summary of these works, which were staged in a theatrical environment.

Since 1998, EuroPrix MultiMedia Art has developed into the leading Pan-European Award for multimedia producers and e-content.

In the large and expanding market of applications, content services and information the EuroPrix honours the leading producers and designers. It gives public recognition to those products, which demonstrate a real added value to the user.

EuroPrix showcases the achievements of European content industry.
It provides unique marketing support to quality products and valuable market information for consumers everywhere.


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