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One image says more than a thousand words

Sometimes an intricate story becomes very simple by images. Since our ancestors made cave-drawings it has been like this. And that has also been the goal of the new information screens in Kompas (the information application on the laptop of the RVS consultant): to elucidate the perhaps technical story of the consultant to the client with films, animations and simple analyses.

Up until now the advisor showed the client an electronic brochure via the laptop, which was basically text oriented. The new information screens in Kompas are unique with a completely different content. The pages function as a commercial tool, deliver structure during the sales pitch, and raise the customer's attention. For instance when risk areas in life are demonstrated.

Modern Information
The system is developed in cooperation with DIAM Communications and gives consultants the possibility to provide clients with additional information, expediently and clearly. New are the "discovery" forms. Fill in basic information such as family composition and income and in an easy way the outcome situation what will be needed by the customer in the future will be at display. It shows where the gaps are. This discovery offers openings to a further financial planning. Beside general information as well as detailed product information is inserted. The information screens are based on the product brochure of RVS regarding the layout. The customer is given recognisable information. The new system is well designed and can be adapted easily. An ideal tool for both the consultant and the client.

source: Het Terras mei 2001

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