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New ICT-projects in Almere Kennisstad

The municipal council of Almere has approved of 7 new ICT-projects for Almere Kennisstad. The new projects are focused on one of the three themes housing, work & learning and welfare.
The council has a budget available of approximately € 540.000. The participating parties invest about € 1.200.000 in total.

The seven new projects are:

  • Digital ICT-market
  • Business case I-café
  • Pilot Fibre to the Home Staatsliedenwijk
  • PC at home
  • Smart Homes
  • Moving Image Cyclopaedia
    The library of Almere and DFC start the development of an interactive learning system, based on a visual library consisting of documentary clippings, divided into ten themes. These themes will correspond with various educational subjects.
  • Improved Living
The city of Almere recently joined the 'Stedenlink': eleven cities who join forces in the field of ICT. These cities want to learn from each other when it comes to applications in this field. The projects of these cities have to do with one or more of the following themes: living, housing, learning, broadband and electronic government. Municipal councils stand closer to the citizens and are therefore capable of initiating socially relevant ICT applications.

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