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Kenniswijk shows demo of Moving Image Cyclopaedia

Kenniswijk Eindhoven has signed an agreement with Digital Film Center Europe to place a demo of the Moving Image Cyclopaedia in the Broadbanddemonstrationcentre in the city of Eindhoven. DFC’s company activities coincide with the aims of Kenniswijk in the realisation of combining services and broadband infrastructure, and as such to break through the ‘stalemate’ position between infrastructure and services. Kenniswijk is supported by the government.

DFC has been requested, as have other selected companies, to profile certain services and products in the demonstration centre.

At the end of 2001 DFC will design and install the ‘Moving Image Cyclopaedia demo’ in Kenniswijk. Following that, and in the year of 2002, Kenniswijk will organise demonstration days, whereby companies, institutions and all interested can visit and try the demos. There is also a time and place for networking of course. Digital Film Center will be present with its presentation of the Moving Image Cyclopaedia and will answer all queries. In certain cases it is possible to see the Moving Image Cyclopaedia demo outside of the organised demo days. Please contact Digital Film Center if you should wish to see a demonstration.

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water management initiated Kenniswijk. The ambition is to develop an ‘electronic consumer market of the future’ in a locality in the Netherlands. Kenniswijk aims to realise three main objectives:

1. Kenniswijk is to be used as a source of knowledge about the effects of ICT on society, through collaboration with international ICT projects and cities in the areas of marketing, research and knowledge exchange.
2. Kenniswijk aims to break the stalemate between content and infrastructure by working on both at the same time and stimulating actual usage. Subsidy arrangements are in place for both end users and service providers.
3. By providing a well monitored and facilitated environment for businesses, Kenniswijk will increase the competitive edge of the Netherlands.

Kenniswijk is set up as an ‘experimentation environment’ in which new ICT-services can be tested in practical reality.

More information on Kenniswijk and its activities be found on the website:
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