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In Memoriam Robbert Wijsmuller 1940 - 2001

On the 5th of September 2001 we received the news that mr. Robbert Wijsmuller had died in a hospital in The Hague. We knew Robbert Wijsmuller a man with a great vision on film distribution, highly energetic, inspiring and most of all a real gentleman. Robbert Wijsmuller's Concorde Film has had tremendous influence upon the art of presenting films in the movie theatre. In 1997 Robbert Wijsmuller was awarded with the &Cultuurprijs van het Nederlandse Film Festival&.

The fall of his company Concorde Film was devastating for Robbert. Hans Beerekamp in the NRC writes about it: &..Wijsmuller was stripped to the bone by his creditors. It was a sad experience for a visionary person in the rather sober Dutch film scene...The place of the &largest independant distributor& is taken by a more pragmatic and cautious generation. It is the question if they love film as much as Wijsmuller did, and if they will be as inventive as Robbert&.

One could only wach how the company and the knowledge of Robbert Wijsmuller were destroyed. Without any compassion for what was achieved and created. Without any respect for the priceless intangible assets. Without remorse the execution took place in a country such as the Netherlands, known for its social face. Robbert Wijsmuller was not given any chance to recover. Nor the media, nor the lawyers have realised how this drama would work out. May he rest in peace.

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