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In Lelystad the National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome will be open in July 2003. Visitors will experience the fascinating development of the aviation-, aircraft- and air-balloon industry. The park will comprise of hangar-like exhibit halls, historical aircraft at display, cinema and entertainment theatres, multimedia information booths, restaurants and a reconstruction of Schiphol building 1926.

A spectacular documentary on life and times of Anthony Fokker, a legendary Dutch entrepreneur and an influential international pioneer on aviation, will be developed by the Fokker Heritage Trust, DFC and The Netherlands Film Museum and will be shown in an specially built film theatre on the exhibition premises.

DFC, having a contract with the Netherlands Film Museum since 1997, has access to Anthony Fokker archives.
DFC not only aims at interactive DVDs and merchandise but also a "cinema-ride", 3-D projections and a simulator to fly through time, based on historical footage, which all will bring back the excitement of the beginning of the 20th Century when aviation took off.


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