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Audio Visual Eureka Brussels

Floris Kolvenbach, chief of DFC has been invited to participate as a speaker at the round table "Digital Archive" which will be held on the 16th of November 2001 in Brussels at Audiovisual Eureka.
Audio Visual Eureka is a pan-European intergovernmental organisation that has 35 members countries, as well as the European Comission and the Counsil of Europe as Associate Members.
The Audio Visual Eureka initiative was launched in 1989 in Paris on the occasion of the European Ausiovisual Conference with a main mission to contribute to the development of a vast European area for co-operation and exchanges in the audiovisual sector.
Since 1996 the Organisation has concentrated on activities to the benefit of the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe in the perspective of bringing them closer to the European Union and the Council of Europe
audio-visual policy and support programmes.

Audio Visual Eureka:

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